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$25 Delivery Fee

Chairs & Tables

6 Foot Tables $10.00 EA.
Adult Chairs $1.25 EA. Kids Chairs $1.00 EA.
A slide and chairs in the grass
A table and chairs in the middle of an outdoor party.

Kids Chairs $1.00 EA.

Three chairs are lined up in a row.

6 Foot Bench $10 Each

A bench in the grass near some bushes

Pony Rides

A man and boy riding on the back of a horse.
A little girl riding on the back of a white horse.

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A red and black generator is parked on the sidewalk.

$105 per day

Fun Food Machines

A machine that is on some kind of stand

Snow Cone
$95 All Day
Ingredients Extra

A red and white popcorn machine with the top open.

Popcorn Maker
$95 all day
Ingredients Extra

A machine that is sitting on the ground.

Cotton Candy
$95 all day
Ingredients Extra